Anthropology (AN)

AN 5140  Special Topics in Anthropology  (3 Credits)  

Specialized topics chosen for graduate seminar by individual faculty. Scheduled as needed.

AN 5410  Native Americans: Past and Present  (3 Credits)  

This course traces the history of native cultures in North America with an accent on the northeastern region for teachers and other educators. Various Indian cultures will be described in traditional anthropological categories such as language, kinship, religion, politics and subsistence. Cultural change, relativism, ethnocentrism and social conflict are some of the topics used to understand their culture from the past into the present.

AN 5910  Independent Study Anthropology  (1-3 Credits)  

Independent study provides students with the opportunity to round out their background in anthropology through reading and research that supplements previous coursework in the field. A research paper, periodic conferences and an oral examination may be required. Consent of a faculty supervisor and the Department Chair is required.