Instructional Design (ID)

ID 5010  Introduction to Instructional Design  (3 Credits)  

Introduces learners to the core principles of instructional design. Students analyze, apply, and evaluate those principles in order to develop educational materials for a wide range of online settings. The course will examine multiple instructional design models, project management of instructional projects, and will include a focus on recent contributions from cognitive science and related fields of study. Learners will also consider the effective use of technology for learning and will be introduced to instructional design as a profession.

ID 5020  Designing Online Learning Experiences  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on the application of key concepts from current learning theories, backward design, and research on online learning communities to the core design functions of writing objectives, designing assessments, planning activities and instructional materials, and designing for interaction and ease of navigation. Students will work both collaboratively and independently to create/modify a sample Moodle course and to reflect on their design choices.

ID 5030  Instructional Strategies and Assessment  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses specifically on the actions of the teacher during online learning experiences. Students will work both collaboratively and independently to identify existing and consider new instructional strategies used for effective engagement with content and classmates. Students will also design and develop various assessment criteria and instruments used to provide feedback and evaluate student performance.

ID 5040  Technologies for Online Learning  (3 Credits)  

In this seminar course, participants will explore a variety of industry standard e-learning management systems and development tools by comparing and contrasting their usability, interactivity and assessment options, cost, and support demands. The emphasis will be on the process of selecting and evaluating the correct tool and exploring the practical uses of its application. This class provides participants the opportunity to explore a variety of e-learning management platforms and tools.

ID 6900  Capstone: Developing Online Learning  (3 Credits)  

In this capstone experience, students apply skills built in previous courses to independently plan, manage, and create an online learning experience. Using project management skills and working with a subject matter expert (SME), students will plan and execute each phase of the instructional design process in creating an online learning experience.

Prerequisite(s): ID 5010, ID 5020, ID 5030, and ID 5040.