Language and Linguistics (LL)

LL 5170  Foreign Language Methodology K-12  (3 Credits)  

To introduce the student to the theories underlying current pedagogical approaches to foreign language instruction; to assist the student in collecting, creating and adapting instruction materials appropriate to elementary, middle and senior high school foreign language courses; to assist the student in preparing and implementing individual lesson plans, long-range planning, student assessment, text book evaluation and the use of technology; to prepare the student for a successful student teaching experience.

LL 5210  Language Education Teaching Practicum  (1-6 Credits)  

The culminating field-based experience for modern language programs leading to teacher certifications. Students must have completed early field-based experiences and all coursework for certification, including any required undergraduate competencies, before taking this course. It is a continuous, full-time (five days per week) experience during which, after a period of structured observation, students gradually assume responsibility for a full range of teaching activities encountered in a school situation, thereby demonstrating the appropriate professional skills and attitudes essential for successful teaching. Teacher candidates pursuing a practicum will maintain and improve upon the full range of teaching activities they practice every day. This course provides an opportunity for demonstrating the appropriate professional skills, attitudes, and dispositions essential for successful teaching. The teaching field experience is conducted under the supervisory guidance of school and clinical faculty. An online seminar compliments the experience. Certification candidates who are not pursuing the M.Ed. must have submitted passing scores on the Praxis I before enrolling. All candidates who will be required to take Praxis II for NH Certification must make arrangements for that testing independently.