Music Education (ME)

ME 5120  New England Band Directors Institute  (1 Credit)  

A multi-faceted seminar intended to help participants improve upon the musical, educational and administrative skills involved with public school instrumental music. Emphasis will be placed on new methodologies and material. The staff of guest speakers will include active educators from throughout New England as well as featured speakers whose contributions to music education have gained national or international attention. Since topics will vary, the course may be repeated. Summer.

ME 5260  Instrumental Conducting and Repertoire  (3 Credits)  

The study of instrumental conducting as applied to the public school setting, with emphasis on developing effective teaching and rehearsal strategies is the focus for this course. Study will include available published methods and pedagogical materials as well as age-appropriate study performance repertoire. On-site observation and advising will involve one or more of the student's ensembles. Attendance at periodically scheduled on-campus seminars will also be required.

ME 5290  Practicum in Instrumental Music Education  (6 Credits)  

This course will focus on the application and documentation of strategies pertaining to the musical, administrative, and/or pedagogical responsibilities of instrumental music teachers in public schools. Attendance at periodically scheduled on-campus seminars will be required. Also a minimum of one year of teaching experience is necessary for this course.

ME 5300  Music Technology for Educators  (3 Credits)  

This course will examine the history and evolution of Music Technology in music education and how it impacts music curriculum development, music education, culture and society. It will explore music education, music administration, music notation and music sequencing software, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) techniques, synthesis, programs and equipment that support MIDI, music notation, and music sequencing for the music educator. Students will acquire proficiency in MIDI technology and demonstrate that proficiency by designing a curriculum that integrates Music Technology into the music classroom. Student must also select to work in either Finale PrintMusic or Digidesign ProTools to demonstrate mastery of MIDI and MIDI software.

ME 5500  Survey of Arts Projects, Programs and Technologies  (3 Credits)  

An overview of arts projects, programs and technologies, this survey course acquaints the student with a wide variety of integrated arts experiences that have been successfully implemented into a wide range of educational, cultural and recreational settings. Commonalities between projects and programs will be examined. Summer.

ME 5560  Special Topics in Music Education  (1-3 Credits)  

An in-depth study of a specialized topic pertaining to contemporary issues and methodologies. The course will be taught by a specialist or series of specialists within the area under study. Since topics will vary, the course may be repeated. Summer.

ME 5600  The Art of Choral Conducting: A Seminar in Conducting Techniques  (3 Credits)  

An exploration of the choral process for choral directors, general music teachers and performing artists. The role of both gestural and verbal communication in the rehearsal and performance will be examined through workshop experience. Approaches to conducting technique, rehearsal design and procedures, score preparation, programming, voice placement, public relations and recruitment will be examined. Summer.

ME 5910  Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  

Advanced work in a specialized area, selected and pursued in consultation with a faculty advisor. Consent of a faculty supervisor and department chair is required.