Post-Baccalaureate Certifications

Plymouth State University offers educator certification/endorsements in the areas of secondary (5–12 or 7–12) and K–12 through the educator and specialist certification programs. Educator certification programs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and can be done separately or in conjunction with a master’s degree.

There are presently five options that would fulfill the post-baccalaureate educator certification: Chemistry 7-12, Earth and Space Science 7-12, Life Science 7-12, Physics 7-12, and Sciences 5-8. 

Course Title Credits
Requirements (for all 5 science options):
ED 5713Internship in Learning and Teaching12
ED 5714Co-Teaching and Collaboration: Problem based Curriculum and Assessment4
ED 5715Co-Teaching, Collaboration and Differentiation for Exceptional and ELL Learners4
ED 5716Creating Professional, Organizational and Educational Communities of Learning4
ED 5717Teaching Reading through Content3
ED 5790Internship in Learning and Teaching Seminar NHTCAP3
Total Credits30