Language and Linquistic (LLDI)

LLDI 2300  Comedy and History in Foreign Film  (3 Credits)  

Examines the comedic mode through the lens of historical films. Ranging from Pasolini to Mel Brooks, course materials offer the students opportunities to consider the efficacy of comedy as social criticism and satire as well as understand more about specific historical moments by examining their on-screen representation. Falls. (PPDI) (GACO)

LLDI 2500  The History of the English Language  (3 Credits)  

Examines the historical development of the English language from its earliest origins through the present day. Topics include: causes of language change, etymology, and the influences of other languages. Explores how this history suggests possible directions of English in the 21st century. Falls. (PPDI)

LLDI 2950  Language Acquisition  (3 Credits)  

Participants examine the nature of first and additional language acquisition and development. Topics include first language acquisition, additional language acquisition by children and adults, bi- and multilingualism. Emphasizes the investigation of first and additional language acquisition through student research studies. Unscheduled. (SIDI)