Pacific Rim Minor

In the previous two centuries, major world politics and trade centered on the Atlantic and the interaction between North America and Europe. At the start of the 21st Century, we have seen a significant shift in emphasis toward the Pacific Rim. This minor provides a solid foundation for students of any major, to prepare for the growing importance of this region. The Pacific Rim minor is interdisciplinary. Students select four classes from among a group of Anthropology, Geography, History, and Political Science courses. Additionally, students will complete one class from Asian Art, Philosophy or Culture.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
Complete four of the following:12
Modern History of East Asia (GACO)
History of Japan (GACO,WRCO)
History of Southeast Asia (GACO)
International Political Economy
Latin American Politics (GACO,INCO)
Politics of the Pacific Rim - ASEAN (WRCO)
AH 3530Arts of the Far East (GACO,INCO)3
or HI 2710 History of Asian Cultures
Total Credits15