Women's Studies Minor

Offered by the Women’s Studies Council
Council: Jessica Dutille, Laura Dykstra, Abby Goode, Katharine N. Harrington, Anne Jung-Matthews, S. Lauren Lavigne, Brigid C. O’Donnell, Mary Beth Ray, Wendy J. Palmquist, Alice P. Staples, Kristen Stelmok, Janette Wiggett

The Women’s Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the diversity of women’s lives and work in cultural and historical perspective, and which introduces students to feminist methodologies and explores the use of gender as a tool for analyzing experience. The program is comprised of a common core course and approved courses offered by several departments. Women and men will benefit from pursuing the Women’s Studies minor.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
WSDI 2500The F Word: Feminism in the United States (SSDI)3
Approved Courses
Complete 12 credits (at least nine must be at the 3000/4000 level) from the following:12
Women, Art, and Society (DICO)
Women and Crime (DICO,GACO)
Sex and Cinema in the 20th Century (and Beyond) (PPDI)
Identity and Difference in American Literature (DICO)
Women's Health Issues (WECO)
American Women's History (DICO)
Women in Contemporary American Culture (INCO)
Women in World Politics
Psychology of Women (DICO)
The Sociology of the Family
Topics in Women's Studies
Independent Study
Total Credits15

Only one Approved Course may be selected from the student’s major field of study. At least 12 credits of the minor must be completed before the internship occurs. Internship (WS 4000) is limited to three credits in the minor. Students may submit a Student Request form to the Women’s Studies Council, to request consideration of another course to meet the Approved Courses requirement.