Fine Art (ARDI)

ARDI 1200  Creativity and the Visual World  (3 Credits)  

Explores the relationship between the creative process, self-expression and communication, through the visual arts. The creative process is first explored broadly as a problem-solving tool applicable to all fields of human endeavor. Students then experience the creative process in studio explorations and the creation of art works with an emphasis on "process" rather than "product." The language of art is studied through consideration of the formal elements and the organizing aesthetic principles. Students consider how these affect visual unity and communication in contemporary and historical art works. Broadens the basis for student self-confidence in creative skill development, originality and critical thinking/writing, the use of information technology resources and appreciation of the visual arts as a powerful vehicle for communication. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. (CTDI)

ARDI 1300  Myths, Masks, and Identity  (3 Credits)  

Explores the relationship between one’s self and one’s relationship with one’s community and world by studying a variety of cultures and times through their mythologies, legends, fables, and folklore. Provides an opportunity to create a rich experience of self-discovery using the creative process and the visual arts as a means of exploring one’s own search for identity and creating one’s own personal mythology. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. (SSDI).

ARDI 1400  The Art of Sketching  (3 Credits)  

Designed for the non-art major who would like to engage in creative process and discover the joy of sketching, drawing, and close observation. Students explore the basics of sketching and drawing with a variety of materials that can be used in the studio, on the go, and outdoors. Subjects encountered are natural and manmade objects, landscapes, portraits, figures in daily activities, and using observation to inspire imagination. No previous experience in visual art is necessary. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. (CTDI)

ARDI 1450  Public Art: The Politics of Visual Meaning  (3 Credits)  

Students explore public, community, and site-specific art. Blends analytical reading and writing, creative literary and visual reflection, and project-based studio art assignments to consider how art is changed by context and audience, and how, in turn, context and audience can affect the meaning of art. Non-Art majors welcome. Additional course fee required. Unscheduled. (CTDI)

ARDI 2310  Table Manners: Functional Pottery  (3 Credits)  

A hands-on ceramic art class in which students explore a variety of approaches to creating handmade tableware. Explorations include considerations of context, function, style, and expressive potential within the framework of the utilitarian sensibility. Traditions, rituals, and customs for food preparation and presentation are compared with contemporary and innovative ideas for creating vessels and containers for food to be offered at the table. Culmination is the development and creation of original and individualized sets of tableware by the students. Additional course fee required. Falls. (CTDI)