Women's Studies (WSDI)

WSDI 2500  The F Word: Feminism in the United States  (3 Credits)  

Focuses on the development of United States feminism and feminist theory, the lives and work of American women and the significance and meaning of "sex" and "gender" at different periods in American history. In this interdisciplinary course, students read essays from cultural studies, biology, history, philosophy, political theory, literature, psychology and view films and artwork. Central questions include: What does "Women's Lib" have to do with our world today? Is "feminism" something to believe in or something to do? How does gender affect your understanding of who you are as a person? Through the study of historical accounts, theoretical articles and contemporary issues and representations, foregrounds gender as a lens through which we, as men and women, can understand our society and ourselves in new and useful ways. Falls. (SSDI)