Digital Music Production and Entrepreneurship (BA)

The BA in Digital Music Production and Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare students for careers in the contemporary music marketplace as creators and/or producers of digital music. Students in this program will study concepts in digital music creation, digital music production, and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to market their work in these areas. As students progress in the program, they will also receive opportunities to explore specific topics in greater depth in preparation for their own professional work in the field, including external engagement with area practitioners. Students are free to use the elective credits associated with the degree for additional study in music (notation, performance, theory, history), business, or any other areas of interest. 

Applicants to this program must meet the regular requirements for admission to the University, and must also complete an interview with program faculty in which they discuss and demonstrate their current engagement with digital music creation and production. Prospective students should contact the Program Coordinator for Music for interview guidelines and scheduling.

Course Title Credits
Major Requirements
MU 1150Piano Class I1
MU 1210Musicianship I4
MU 1320Introduction to Reading Music3
MU 2105Introduction to Music Technology (TECO) (TECO)4
MU 2320Introduction to Music Composition (two enrollments)2
MU 3105Recording and Mixing4
MU 3410Seminar in the Music Business3
MU 3460Music In Context I - Music and Identity in the Americas (DICO)3
MU 3470Music In Context II - Philosophy and Music (GACO,WRCO)3
MU 3990Music Technology Junior Project0.5
MU 4115Creating Music for Video4
MU 4215Advanced Studies in Music Production and Entrepreneurship4
MU 4270Composition (two enrollments)2
MU 4990Music Technology Senior Project1
TH 3310Theatre Technology: Topics3
BUS 1100Introduction to Marketing and Sales4
ENT 2040Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship4
ENT 2460Business Startup Planning4
MKT 3130Digital Marketing4
MKT 3210Event Planning and Marketing4
Quantitative Reasoning in the Discipline Connection
Complete one course from the following:3
Mathematics and the Humanities (QRCO)
MA 2200
Statistics I (QRCO)
General Education
EN 1400Composition4
IS 1115Tackling a Wicked Problem4
MAMathematics Foundations3-4
PPDIPast and Present Direction3-4
SIDIScientific Inquiry Direction3-4
SSDISelf and Society Direction3-4
Directions (choose from PPDI, SIDI, SSDI) 14-8
WECOWellness Connection4
INCPIntegrative Capstone4
GACOForeign Language 26-8
Total Credits120

Directions should total 16-17 credits because CTDI is waived for BA Digital Music Production and Entrepreneurship.


The foreign language requirement for all BA degrees calls for 0-8 credits: one year of one language (6-8 credits); or one 3000/4000 level world language course (3 credits); or being a native speaker of a language other than English (zero credit). American Sign Language I and II fulfill this requirement; however, American Sign Language does not satisfy the Global Awareness Connection.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
BUS 1100 Introduction to Marketing and Sales 4
EN 1400 Composition 4
IS 1115 Tackling a Wicked Problem 4
MU 2105 Introduction to Music Technology (TECO) 4
ENT 2040 Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4
MU 1320 Introduction to Reading Music 3
MU 2320 Introduction to Music Composition 1
Directions (choose from PPDI, SIDI, SSDI) 4
Year Two
MKT 3130 Digital Marketing 4
MU 1150 Piano Class I 1
MU 1210 Musicianship I 4
MU 2320 Introduction to Music Composition 1
TH 3310 Theatre Technology: Topics 3
Electives 3
MU 3105 Recording and Mixing 4
SAL 3280 Professional Selling Skills I 4
MAMathematics Foundations 4
Directions (choose from PPDI, SIDI, SSDI) 4
Year Three
MKT 3210 Event Planning and Marketing 4
MU 3250 Global Jazz (DICO,GACO) 3
MU 4270 Composition 1
MU 3410 Seminar in the Music Business 3
GACOForeign Language 4
MU 3990 Music Technology Junior Project 0.5
MU 4270 Composition 1
Directions (choose from PPDI, SIDI, SSDI) 4
GACOForeign Language 4
Electives 4
Year Four
MU 4115 Creating Music for Video 4
Directions (choose from PPDI, SIDI, SSDI) 4
INCPIntegrated Capstone 4
WECOWellness Connection 4
MU 3320 History and Literature of Music II (INCO,WRCO) 3
MU 4215 Advanced Studies in Music Production and Entrepreneurship 4
MU 4990 Music Technology Senior Project 1
Electives 4.5
 Total Credits120