Climate Studies (CLM)

CLM 1000  Introductory Climate Studies Seminar  (1)  

First-semester introduction to the Climate Studies major. Introduces faculty, resources, study skills, critical thinking, work ethic, and professionalism topics. Introduces possible future careers and student research and internship opportunities. Introduces basic climate terminology, data, communication, and other related issues. Includes planning for interdisciplinary focus area future courses. Specifics may vary from year to year. Pass/No Pass. Falls.

Prerequisite(s): MT or CLM majors only

CLM 4000  Climate Studies Capstone Project  (2)  

Brings together student experiences from the different disciplines in which Climate Studies majors can focus, and leverages their diverse interdisciplinary perspectives. Includes focused discussion through various disciplinary lenses. Students will produce summative outcomes through a final project that tackles a modern climate-related challenge. Pass/No Pass. Falls and Springs.