Organizational Health (OH)

OH 5100  Full Spectrum Leadership  (3 Credits)  

This course offers a study of a leadership model based on personal authenticity. The fundamental premise of this model is that effective leadership emerges from the synthesis and synergy of body, mind, heart and spirit to weave intention and presence into the organizational environment. Through varied learning methods participants will explore ways to foster culture that links knowledge and resources to promote a climate of transformative trust in the service of individual well being and the organizational mission.

OH 5180  Exploring Personal & Organizational Health  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of the evolving and emerging paradigms of holistic health and healing, and how the personal and organizational realms interconnect. In addition to examining the traditional wellness models, discussions will include concepts of mind, transpersonal psychology and energetics. Through an examination of personal and organizational contexts, students will explore ways to transform personal and work environments through mindfulness towards good intention, open mind and compassionate heart. Also offered as HH 5180 and BU 5180.

OH 5200  Creating Socially Responsible Organizations  (3 Credits)  

This course examines the role of "positive institutions" in creating and supporting the well-being of its members while maintaining its profitability or non-profit mission. Issues of power, privilege, and prejudice as challenges to the formation of ethical and socially just institutions will be explored. Topics include issues of diversity, equity, ethics, and social justice.

OH 5300  Work as a Personal Journey  (3 Credits)  

This course offers an exploration of the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal elements of work and personal growth. Through varied learning methods, participants will attend to the ways in which occupations transform us and how we transform our work to support personal development. Learning will extend to the ways in which we, as followers and leaders, can cooperate to support these synchronous and reciprocal processes creatively and with intention.

OH 5400  Evolutionary Change for a Sustainable Future  (3 Credits)  

A time of unprecedented challenges calls upon individuals to become architects of deep personal and organizational change. Students will explore processes that seed, support, and sustain deep personal transformation and organizational change. Students will consider the interrelationship of personal and organizational change in the context of global interconnectedness and human evolution.

OH 5820  Women as Leaders  (3 Credits)  

This course challenges women to consider the cultures, climates and contexts that limit and support their capacities as leaders. Students will explore personal leadership styles, characteristics of effective leaders, and strategies for developing themselves as leaders. Also offered as BU 5820.