Middle School English Education (5-8) Minor

The minor in Middle School English Education (5-8) does not lead to New Hampshire Department of Education certification.

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
EN 4645Teaching Writing: Knowledge and Experience3
EN 4875Teaching Literature: Knowledge and Experience3
Complete one of the following:3
Teaching Writing: Practice
Teaching Literature: Practice
Complete one writing course from the following:4
Creative Writing
Advanced Composition
Non-Fiction Workshop
The Craft of Screenwriting: Reading and Writing Screenplays
Complete one literature and film course from the following:4
Introduction to Film
Rethinking Early American Literature (DICO,TECO)
Rethinking Modern American Literature (DICO)
Rethinking Modern British Literature, 1660-1945 (TECO)
Literature into Film
Rethinking Medieval and Renaissance Literature (INCO,INCP)
Currents in Global Literature (GACO)
The Filmmaker's Vision: An Introduction to Film Analysis
Topics in Literature and Film
Digitalit: Storytelling in the Digital Age (TECO)
Single Author Course
Total Credits17