Library Media Studies (LM)

LM 5010  Leadership & Management  (3 Credits)  

This course will focus on the role and functions of instructional leadership through information and technology management in P-12 Schools. The topics covered will include library and technology instruction, collaboration, planning, and assessment of programs. We will also look at the developments and trends in libraries and technology and how it impacts information-centered organizations. Topics include strategic planning, ethics, and advocacy. Also offered as CE 5010.

LM 5020  Cataloging and Curation  (3 Credits)  

This course will introduce the principles of organization and curation of information. Topics covered will include organization of print and non-print collections, classification systems, and MARC records. Emphasis will be placed on how curation of resources impacts student learning. Library automation systems and their management, copy cataloging, and trends in technology will also be covered.

LM 5030  Resource Selection & Instruction  (3 Credits)  

This course will introduce candidates to concepts, principles, and current developments in information services for the school library/media center including how to create a collection that supports the learning needs of the school community. Topics cover curriculum, selection tools, policies, and the procedures for developing, maintaining, and evaluating print and digital collections.

LM 5040  Technology & Innovation  (3 Credits)  

This course is designed to provide School Library Media Specialists, Technology Integrators, and other educators with hands-on experiences with innovative technology and the effects on the 21st century classroom. Current and emerging digital tools will be explored. Other topics covered include collaboration, teamwork, and programming in P-12. Also offered as CE 5040.

LM 5210  Practicum in School Media  (3 Credits)  

The practicum is to provide the student with a supervised field experience in one of several cooperating institutions or agencies. The purpose is to gain meaningful work experience through applying knowledge learned in previous coursework to the on-the-job situation. Commitment includes a negotiated number of hours per week. Supervision is by the institution or agency concerned and by PSU faculty.

LM 5300  Advanced Children and Young Adult Literature  (3 Credits)  

This advanced literature course will survey fiction and non-fiction books for school age students. Genres to be discussed include picture books, traditional literature, modern fantasy, contemporary realistic fiction, historical fiction, multicultural literature, informational books, biographies and graphic books. Students will also explore new issues and trends in literature including technological advancements. The course is designed to help the educator evaluate and select appropriate literature to develop and maintain school library collections as well as classroom and instructional libraries. During this course, students will critically discuss current issues in children's and young adult literature.

LM 5500  Special Topics in Library Media Studies  (1-3 Credits)  

An in-depth study of a particular topic, contemporary issue or concern. The course will be taught by a specialist within the field being studied or as an alternative methodology. Since topics vary, the course may be repeated with permission of the instructor.

LM 5910  Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  

An in-depth study of a particular topic, contemporary issue or concern. Topic must receive approval by the Program Coordinator.