Entrepreneurship, Transformative Innovation & Design (ENT)

ENT 2040  Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (4)  

Provides a foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation, creation of new ventures, the history and evolution of entrepreneurship, and its revolutionary impact today from an affective perspective. Students see diverse pathways to becoming a social, business, or environmental entrepreneur. Students survey principles, theories, and practice of entrepreneurship with an understanding of the key tasks, skills, and attitudes to become successful. Springs and Falls.

ENT 2460  Business Startup Planning  (4)  

Design Thinking is an approach to envisioning entrepreneurial opportunities. Students learn to identify potential product or service offerings and practice using design tools/techniques to conceptualize and validate prospective opportunities. Lean business planning, emphasizing “failing fast,” and reorienting business resources is explored, with the goal of illustrating the most effective approaches entrepreneurs may take to creating and building new businesses. Springs and Falls.

ENT 3030  Social Entrepreneurship  (4)  

Working in teams, students practice entrepreneurial skills to create, organize, and manage a project with social impact, either globally or locally. The overall goal is to take entrepreneurial action to improve quality of life and economic well-being through service organizations in fields as diverse as the environment, animal rights, health, and community building. Springs and Falls.

ENT 3052  Executing for Growth and Sustainability  (4)  

Entrepreneurs start companies and provide new solutions/value to people across diverse markets. After successfully launching a startup, entrepreneurs must shift from “doers to leaders”—planning their company’s growth and ongoing success. Students work with and evaluate a series of frameworks, analytical techniques, and decision-making tools that professionals use to grow and sustain their businesses. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): ENT 2040 or BU 2040 and ENT 2460 or BU 2460.