Law (LAW)

LAW 3000  Topics in Law  (1-4)  

Students explore topics not covered in depth in other law courses. Repeatable with a different topic. Springs and Falls.

LAW 3100  Sports Law  (4)  

Whether you intend to manage a sports league, work as an athletic director, or become an agent, you will benefit from this introduction to the subjects of law relevant to sports. You will learn to identify legal risks in sports and analyze sports laws, including torts, product liability, contracts, criminal law, administrative law, civil procedure, constitutional law, and employment law. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1200 or BU 2480.

LAW 4200  Commercial and Consumer Law  (4)  

A second course in business law which focuses on the basics. It has a strong emphasis on business organizations, negotiable instruments, sales and lease contracts, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, and government regulations. This course will develop reading comprehension, complex critical thinking, legal reasoning, and case analysis skills. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1200 or BU 2480.