Undeclared Students

What does being “undeclared” mean?

"Undeclared" is a term used by the University for students who have not yet decided on or declared a major. Typically, undeclared students choose to be undeclared for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You have no idea what you want to study
  • You want to study everything
  • You are declared in a major that you no longer want to pursue
  • You want to explore all of your options first
  • You were not initially admitted to your major

What major you choose is a personal decision that should take into consideration your interests, skills, values, and abilities. It should fit with your personal and professional goals. An Academic and Career Advisor from the Academic and Career Advising Center will work with you throughout your time as an undeclared student to help you navigate these areas and connect you with additional resources on campus that will help you identify your goals. Academic and Career Advisors can be reached via E-mail: psu-advising@plymouth.edu, Phone: 603-535-3065, or by visiting Speare 108.

Can I graduate “on time”?

One of the more common questions students have when they arrive at the University as an Undeclared student is if they can still graduate in four years.  Most of the university’s majors can be completed within four years. Depending on when a major is declared, there could be no delay in graduation if a student begins as Undeclared - but there are always exceptions.

Some majors require many prerequisites (courses that need to be completed before enrolling in other courses) that, if not started early enough, may postpone graduation an extra semester or beyond. It is important to work closely with your Academic and Career Advisor when discussing potential majors of interest, as they will be able to outline the requirements and help identify the best track towards graduation. You must declare your degree no later than the end of your sophomore year.

What does an “undeclared” schedule look like, during my first year?

Students would work with their Academic and Career Advisor to select courses, such as: First Year Experience (FYE) courses, HoME (Habits of Mind Experience) directions courses, and introductory courses for a major they may want to explore. For example:

     Fall (1st semester)*                                                                                    Spring (2nd  semester)
     IS 1115 Tackling a Wicked Problem (FYE)                                                EN 1400 Composition (FYE)                                    
     HoME directions course                                                                            HoME directions course
     HoME direction course                                                                              HoME direction course
     Introductory course for major                                                                  Introductory course for major
     Total: 15-16 credits (4 classes)                                                                 Total: 15-16 credits (4 classes)                         

*A math foundations course is not required your first year as an Undeclared student. However, you should still plan to take the Math Placement Assessment and connect with your Academic and Career Advisor if you’re thinking of pursuing a major with a lengthy math sequence.