Prospective Students

Far from the sameness of many universities, Plymouth State is changing how degree programs work. Why? Because we see you. You’re different. And our new Integrated Clusters learning model speaks to your individuality by letting you create your own path to learning while building on your strengths.

Between boundless natural beauty and that hometown vibe, you’ll find an innovative place to live, learn and explore. At Plymouth State, we’ll bring out your potential and prepare you for success as a leader in your chosen field and for your life.

Up here, you’ll see further, beyond what you thought was possible. 


At Plymouth State, we don’t believe in templates. Only authentic experiences that are as unique as you are. Our undergraduate degree programs equip you with a solid, customized liberal arts foundation combined with practical real-world hands-on experiences, and by the time you earn your bachelor’s degree, you will be prepared to enter your chosen field.

At Plymouth State, learning isn’t just sitting in a classroom. It’s about seeing beyond what you thought possible and making connections: with faculty, with your classmates, and with your community.

Up here, every day is one step closer to your incredible future.


Are you looking for a graduate degree program that is bold, unique, and world-class? Are you ready to become a leader in your chosen field? Then welcome to Plymouth State. Whether your goal is to earn your master’s degree, advance your knowledge with a CAGS (Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies), embark on a doctoral program or become a certified educator, Plymouth State has a range of accredited graduate degree and certificate programs to match your personal and professional aspirations. And our flexible and online graduate degree options let you customize your studies to your lifestyle.

Up here, today’s talents get refined to make tomorrow’s leaders.