Forensic Science (FS)

FS 1200  Majoring and Working in Forensic Science  (1)  

This course will be an introduction to the field of Forensic Science and careers in this field along with the specific requirements of a degree in Forensic Science at Plymouth State. Invited speakers from the field will share their experiences with the class. The course will also cover moral and professional ethical aspects across fields in forensic science. Pass/No Pass. Falls.

FS 4000  Forensic Science Capstone Project  (2)  

Students will share their multidisciplinary skills from various specialties in the Forensic Science field. Discuss scopes and limitations of modern methods in forensic science with other students based on their own research and experiences. Advice on career opportunities, field resources from faculty members. The importance of communications skills, work ethics, professionalism in the field of Forensic Science will also be a part of the conversation. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): none Pass/No Pass. Springs.