Reading (RL)

RL 1200  Children's Literature  (3 Credits)  

A survey which deals with the selection, evaluation and utilization of literary materials for children from ages 5 to 13. Focus is on the different genres in children's literature. Discussion and projects are based on using a variety of classical and contemporary genres, technology and media. Extensive reading and critiquing of children's books are required with the aim of developing an appreciation and understanding of the value of children's literature in language and literacy development in a variety of settings. Participation activities with children are required. Springs.

RL 2500  Language and Literacy Development in Young Children  (3 Credits)  

Examines language acquisition and literacy development of children birth through 8 years of age. Focuses on fostering language development and communication in the home and early childhood settings. Examines second language acquisition and the needs of young English language learners. Explores materials, environments and interactions that support literacy development in the home and early childhood settings. Requires 3 hours of field experiences in an approved early childhood setting. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): ER 2300.

RL 3050  Foundations of Reading and Writing  (3 Credits)  

Examines the foundations of literacy instruction with an emphasis on curriculum, methods and materials for children in kindergarten through grade 3. Focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, core reading programs and stages of writing development in a balanced reading framework. Falls and Springs.

Prerequisite(s): CD 1000 and full acceptance to the Teacher Certification Option.

Corequisite(s): ED 3050, ED 3051, ED 3052, and ED 3055.

RL 3070  Language Arts and Reading in the Elementary School  (3 Credits)  

Examines the integration of the language arts and reading for students in grades 1 through 6. Focuses on word study, content area reading and writing, study skills and literature study. Explores materials and methods for all learners in a balanced reading and writing program. Candidates participate in a practicum in an assigned public school. Falls and Springs.

Prerequisite(s): completion of Cluster I or Cohort Courses I; Elementary Education major or full acceptance to the Teacher Certification Option.

Corequisite(s): ED 3060, ED 3080, ED 3090, MA 3070, and SE 3070.

RL 3500  Reading, Writing, and Language Arts in the Primary Grades  (3 Credits)  

Focuses on the underlying principles of effective reading and writing instruction in the primary grades. Emphasizes strategies for planning, implementing and assessing language arts experiences that integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking. Requires a practicum of 2 hours per week in a first, second or third grade classroom. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): Early Childhood Studies major and ER 3700.