Environmental Science & Policy Minor

 Degree Requirements

A minimum of 15 credits is required to complete the Environmental Science and Policy minor, with six or more credits at the 3000/4000 level. Students pursuing the Environmental Science and Policy major are not eligible for the minor. Students with the minor must complete six credits of upper-level courses outside of their major. Students can count ESP 2100 OR ESDI 2500 toward the minor, but not both given course overlap.

Please see complete information on all of the requirements to earn a minor at Plymouth State University.

Course Title Credits
Take 2 of the following introductory courses:7-8
Resource Management - an Earth Systems Science (ESS) Approach (SIDI)
Environmental Geography (SIDI)
Environmental Science (SIDI)
Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy I
Earth Systems Science: The Hazardous Earth (SIDI)
Introduction to Field Techniques
Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy II
Curiosity and the Nature of New Hampshire (SIDI)
Foundations of Environmental Policy (WRCO)
Natural History and Ecology for Adventure Educators
Community Planning
Fundamentals of Meteorology and Climatology (GACO)
Complete at least 8 credits from upper-level courses below:8
ESP @3,@4 any upper-level Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) course
Environmental Education - Theory and Practice
Conservation (DICO,GACO,INCO)
Economic and Ecological Sustainability (GACO,QRCO)
Total Credits15-16