Physics (PHDI)

PHDI 2100  Physical Science  (4 Credits)  

The essentials of physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy. How scientists approach problems and why science is a never-ending quest rather than fixed sets of facts. Emphasis is on aspects of the physical sciences relevant to a nonscientist who wants to understand how the universe works and the connections between science and everyday life. Lecture and laboratory. Falls. (SIDI)

PHDI 2300  Astronomy  (3 Credits)  

Fundamental principles of astronomy. Includes theories of the origin of the universe and the solar system with emphasis on the structure and motions of the earth, the moon and its phases, eclipses, composition and motion of the sun and other star types, and galactic systems. Practical, naked-eye observations with the use of celestial maps. Some telescopic observations required. Falls and Springs. (SIDI)