Music (MUDI)

MUDI 1005  Jazz Styles: Past and Present  (4)  

Examines historical and current styles of jazz encompassing forms, aesthetics, personalities, literature, the evolution of jazz music, and the influence jazz music has on the development of traditional art music and popular music in America. Places emphasis on the development of listening skills through consideration of jazz literature from the past to the present day. Falls and Springs. (PPDI)

MUDI 1310  Exploring Music  (3)  

Emphasis is placed on the development of listening skills through consideration of masterworks of "classical" music literature from the past to the present day. Historical periods studied include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th Century and Contemporary. Falls and Springs. (PPDI)

MUDI 1355  American Popular Music: History and Creation  (4)  

Emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates contemporary multicultural perspectives and critical creative and social analysis into the study of American popular music. Investigates a 200-year musical and cultural history in America that includes African American Roots, European American Traditions and Influences, Latin Music in America, and Native American and Asian Influences. Students also explore American popular music content, form, lyrics, and instrumentation so that they may create and develop their own musical compositions using current music sequencing and recording software. Falls. (CTDI)

MUDI 2050  Your Unique Voice  (4)  

Your Unique Voice empowers students to be healthy and effective speakers throughout their lifespan. Skills gained include a working knowledge of vocal health and hygiene, understanding articulators and resonators, basic vocal anatomy, preparing and delivering speeches, basic anxiety management, speaking in vocally adverse situations, ideal speaking range and placement, and understanding the value of speech in American society. (SSDI) (WECO)

Prerequisite(s): none