Administration and Faculty

Board of Trustees of the University System of New Hampshire

The Honorable Chris Sununu
Ex-Officio Member, January 5, 2017-

Kassandra Spanos Ardinger
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2016-2020

Robert A. Baines
KSC Alumni-Elected, 2011–2019 (2nd term)

Amy B. Begg, Secretary
PSU Alumni-Elected, 2015–2019 (2nd term)

Donald L. Birx
President, Plymouth State University (Ex-Officio Member), July 31, 2015-

Todd R. Black
UNH Alumni-Elected, 2014–2018 (1st term)

James P. Burnett III
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2017-2018

Frederick C. Dey
UNH Alumni-Elected, 2011–2019 (2nd term)

M. Jacqueline Eastwood
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2017-2021

Frank L. Edelblut
Commissioner of Education (Ex-Officio Member), February 15, 2017-March 31, 2017

Suzanne M. Foster
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2017–2020

James Gray, Designee for Senate President Charles W. Morse
Ex-Officio Member, Non-Voting, November 27, 2017-December 1, 2018

Cathy J. Green
UNH Alumni-Elected, 2017-2021

Mark W. Huddleston
President, University of New Hampshire (Ex-Officio Member), July 1, 2007-

Shawn N. Jasper
Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food (Ex-Officio Member), November 22, 2017-November 18, 2022

Rick M. Ladd
Designee for Speaker of the House Gene G. Chandler
Ex-Officio Member, Non-Voting, December 13, 2017-December 1, 2018

Todd J. Leach
Chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire (Ex-Officio Member), July 1, 2010-

Scott Mason
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2017-2021

Joseph G. Morone
Vice Chair, Gubernatorial Appointee, 2013-2018

Kenneth C. Moulton
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2012-2019

Christopher M. Pope
GSC Alumni, 2016-2021 (2nd term)

Mark Rubinstein
President, Granite State College (Ex-Officio Member), March 31, 2015-

J. Morgan Rutman
UNH Alumni-Elected, 2016-2020 (1st term)

John W. Small
Chair, Gubernatorial Appointee, 2010-2019

Wallace R. Stevens
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2015-2017; PSU Alumni-Elected, 2011-2015 (1st term)

Melinda D. Treadwell
Interim President, Keene State College (Ex-Officio Member), July 31, 2017-

Alexander J. Walker, Jr.
Gubernatorial Appointee, 2016-2020