Applied Linguistics (LIDI)

LIDI 2020  Queer Language, Culture, and Identity  (3 Credits)  

Participants examine the emergence of a queer language, culture, and identify in modern times, and explore the factors that have impacted its development in the United States. Topics include the impact of race, class, and ethnicity on the rise of queer political movements and queer communities in the United States. Unscheduled. (SSDI) (DICO)

LIDI 2450  Creating Language  (3 Credits)  

Examines the generation, creation, and evolution of the full range of the English language, its words, grammar, sounds, and meaning, exploring the motivators that help explain how and why our language is constantly changing, molting, evolving, and (re)creating itself. Unscheduled. (CTDI)

LIDI 2500  The History of the English Language  (3 Credits)  

Examines the historical development of the English language from its earliest origins through the present day. Topics include: causes of language change, etymology, and the influences of other languages. Explores how this history suggests possible directions of English in the 21st century. Falls. (PPDI)

LIDI 2950  Language Acquisition  (3 Credits)  

Participants examine the nature of first and additional language acquisition and development. Topics include first language acquisition, additional language acquisition by children and adults, bi- and multilingualism. Emphasizes the investigation of first and additional language acquisition through student research studies. Unscheduled. (SIDI)