Medical Sales Certificate

Sales Professionals in this high demand and growing field have amazing careers working with and supporting surgeons to improve patient outcomes. Medical Device representatives typically specialize in sales in a specific area such as pharmaceuticals or implantable devices like aortic heart valves, fracture repair kits, or hip and knee replacements.  This program will focus on medical terminology, how to conduct yourself in an operating room, a working knowledge of orthopedic devices, and professional sales techniques.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses
BI 2110
BI 2130
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I (OR)
Human Biology I (SIDI,WECO)
SAL 3280Professional Selling Skills I4
NR 4111The Language and Culture of Health Care2
AHS 4111Medical Sales: Orthopedic Devices4
SAL 4710Medical Sales Capstone4
Recommended Courses
SAL 3290Professional Selling Skills II4
Total Credits22