Organizational Leadership (MA)

Program Coordinator: Annette Holba

The MA in Organizational Leadership program will expose you to styles and theories of leadership within organizational contexts and structures. Highlighted key foundations in leadership include good intention, open mind and compassionate heart which are applied in real world contexts while being explored and developed within a rigorous academic context. Students learn how to become an agent of social and organizational change, and to assist and empower others to cope successfully with personal, social, and/or environmental problems. Students expand their awareness of interpersonal communication and advocacy skills and learn to apply them in organizational contexts in this exciting graduate program.

This program is designed specifically for growth-oriented individuals and professionals working in business, government, social services, allied health, education, and the sciences who are interested in developing and enhancing their leadership skills in a humane and compassionate manner. The Organizational Leadership MA program is offered fully online, so you will be able to complete the program from wherever you live. Classes are offered throughout the year with a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous classes. There are ten required courses (30 credits total) that can be taken in any order, which makes the program extremely flexible and allows you to start at any time.

Students can complete the 30 credit MA in Organizational Communication fully online.

Organizational Leadership

Curriculum Requirements

Course Title Credits
OH 5100Full Spectrum Leadership3
OH 5180Exploring Personal & Organizational Health3
OH 5200Communication in Socially Responsible Organizations3
CO 5610Living and Dying Well3
CO 5040Social Behavior and Diversity3
CO 5050Advanced Human Development3
CO 5070Research Design in the Helping Professions3
CO 5570Mindfulness Meditation: Theory and Practice3
CO 5590Transpersonal Psychology3
CO 6900Graduate Capstone Project3
Total Credits30