Music Minor

Any student at Plymouth State University may consider the Music minor program offered in the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance. To be accepted as a Music minor a student must meet with the Department Chair and must perform an audition on the preferred instrument or voice. Music minors are required to attend 50 percent of the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance afternoon Student Recitals as well as the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance Fall Convocation. They also must attend three additional professional level events each semester. Performance in a student recital once a year is encouraged.

Course Title Credits
Minor Requirements
Complete five Performance Studies credits 15
Complete three Ensembles credits3
MU 1150Piano Class I 21
MU 1160Piano Class II 2,31
MU 1210Musicianship I4
MU 1220Musicianship II 44
Complete one course from the following:3
Exploring Music (PPDI)
History and Literature of Music I
History and Literature of Music II (INCO,WRCO)
Total Credits21

Students should see the Music Student Handbook (available in the Department office) for detailed descriptions of Performance Studies and Jury Exam requirements for each instrument. Jury Exams are performed at the end of each regular semester, and advancement to higher levels of Performance Studies is dependent upon a successful level-change Jury.