Political Science (PODI)

PODI 1045  Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism  (4)  

Explores the historical and current terrorist threat, both on a domestic and international level. Investigates causes: terrorist group strategies and targets; governmental and international responses and counterterrorist measures; and the multitude of challenges posted to the world community by terrorists. Topics include the attacks on the World Trade Center; Middle Eastern terrorism; right-wing terrorism in this country; the specific threat of terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, etc. Not open to students who have earned credit for PODI 1040. Springs. (PPDI)

PODI 1051  Global Problems, Power and Politics  (4)  

Focuses on current issues such as terrorism, war, poverty and pollution to demonstrate how global problems impact our lives and often require multileveled solutions. Examines several approaches to the study of international politics, including political realism and interdisciplinary approaches. Explores the roles of individuals, nation-states and international organizations in creating and resolving global problems. Not open to students who have earned credit for PODI 1050. Falls. (SSDI)

PODI 1056  Humanitarianism: Working in the Global Community  (4)  

Responses to environmental, hunger, refugee, and human rights programs are a global movement and industry. We must understand the evolution of humanitarianism to appreciate its current form and its future. We account for attitudes about charity and social welfare, and note turning points in international relations. Joining the humanitarian community is one outcome of the knowledge gained through this course. Not open to students who have earned credit for PODI 1055. Springs. (PPDI)

PODI 1061  Politics and Art  (4)  

Politics and art have always been entwined. Politicians quickly learned the usefulness of symbols. Artists appreciated the patronage of those in power. Looks at political expressions in various artistic areas including music, visual arts, theatre, poetry and movies to investigate the impact and meaning of the relationship between politics and art. Not open to students who have earned credit for PODI 1060. Springs. (CTDI)

PODI 1110  Conspiracies v.s. Conspiracy Theories  (4)  

This course explores conspiracies and conspiracy theories, current and past, world-wide, with a focus on building critical thinking skills in order to assess them. It examines the most impactful, such as the secret government Tuskegee Experiments, Moon Landings, and Kennedy assassinations. It looks into causes, consequences, persistence of conspiracy beliefs, and possible approaches in combating conspiracy theories. Springs, Summers, Winterims. (SSDI)

PODI 1600  Being an American  (4)  

This course will provide knowledge essential for anyone in the United States ,and will examine American identity. We will cover the structure of American government, the political divides in American society, and how we got here. We will discuss how many people have been denied “American” status based on their demographic characteristics. We will also discuss and debate major issues in American government/society. Springs and Falls. (SSDI)