Art Education (AE)

AE 5050  Elementary Methods and Materials in Art Education  (3 Credits)  

This course will provide the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the correlative roles of children's holistic learning, artistic growth, and development, which will provide the foundation for the study and application of constructivist and learner-centered approaches to instructional planning and dialogic pedagogy applied to art education. Study will encompass content of undergraduate courses AE 2000 and AE 3050, and extend to an applied research project and expanded theoretical reading in art education. Readings, research, discussion, studio production, and classroom observations will provide the framework for the study of art education as a discipline incorporating studio production, aesthetics, art history, and criticism. Art materials health and safety regulations will be examined. A 20-hour school observation component is required. Offered Fall term only.

AE 5060  Pedagogy and Planning in Secondary Level Art Education  (3 Credits)  

This course provides extended study of holistic methodology and inquiry based on learning for art education and diverse student populations, with an emphasis on adolescent development and instructional planning at the middle and high school levels. Components include community and citizenship, multicultural education, diversity issues, and inclusion. Standards-based unit planning at the secondary level will address interdisciplinary and multicultural social themes. A 20-hour school observation and teaching component is required. Study will encompass content of undergraduate course AE 3060 and extend to an applied research project and expanded theoretical readings in art education. Offered Winter term only.

AE 5410  Art Education Internship in Teaching K-12  (1-9 Credits)  

The culminating public school field-based teaching experience for MAT Art Education majors that fulfills the Internship in Teaching requirements for New Hampshire K-12 teacher certification in art education. The internship is a continuous, full-time (five days per week) experience at both elementary and secondary levels during which, after a period of structured observation, students gradually assume responsibility for a full range of visual art teaching activities encountered in a school situation, thereby demonstrating the appropriate professional skills and attitudes essential for successful teaching of diverse populations of students. The internship is conducted under the supervisory guidance of certified K-12 school art faculty and PSU Art Education University Supervisors. Required seminars complement the experience. Falls and Springs. All the policies related to the undergraduate and graduate field experience apply to this course.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of all course requirements for the MAT in Art Education.

AE 5560  Special Topics in Art Education  (1-3 Credits)  

This course provides a specialized offering by a specialist in art education. Students will participate in an intensive hands-on art education experience during the course. A departmental faculty supervisor and/or technician will be available to assist the specialist in guiding the students in a focused environment. Students may repeat this course when offered under a different topic.

AE 5700  Curriculum Development and Assessment in the Arts  (3 Credits)  

Curriculum design, implementation and assessment for curriculum developers, supervisors, educators and students in the arts will be addressed. The course provides an introduction to the goals, history, content, theory and practice of arts curriculum in public education as an independent discipline and an integrated component of a child's education. Emphasis is placed on state and national standards in the arts and reflects state mandates on arts assessment in K-12 public education. Participants will develop a working knowledge of the field through the development of balanced, discipline-based curriculum and assessment models for the arts which may be adapted to specific school sites. Offered Spring term only.