Criminal Justice (CJDI)

CJDI 1030  The Individual and the Law  (4 Credits)  

Examines questions central to the structure and organization of the modern legal system in the United States: Does the law exist to protect the individual from the group or to protect the group from the individual? To what extent does the legal system serve to protect the rights of individuals or limit them in order to promote the common good? Not open to students who have earned credit for CJDI 1020. Falls and Springs. (SSDI)

CJDI 1500  Profiling Criminal Behavior  (4 Credits)  

Applies mathematical and scientific principles to identify, understand, and predict aberrant human behavior. Students explore techniques of forensic science, forensic psychology, and geographic profiling to detect patterns, link cases, and make inferences regarding past and future behavior. Scientific evidence supporting profiling techniques are studied and critically analyzed. Falls and Springs. (SIDI).