Dance (DNDI)

DNDI 2105  Movement for Community  (4 Credits)  

By applying pedagogical frameworks to the experience and study of dance, students explore how movement can facilitate social and emotional growth for many populations. Throughout the course, students participate in a variety of movement related activities and projects, reflections, and a capstone service learning experience. No previous dance or movement experience required. Not open to students who have earned credit for DNDI 2100. Fall and Springs. (CTDI)

DNDI 2205  Athleticism in the Performing Arts  (4 Credits)  

Examines the exploration of the necessity of athleticism in the performing arts through critical thinking, interpretation, scientific concepts, and psychosocial awareness. Students examine how strength and energy are used in creative expression through acrobatics, dance styles, physical theatre, and the psychomotor skills of musicians. This course is physically intensive and appropriate movement clothing is required. Falls and Springs. Not open to students who have earned credit for DNDI 2200. (CTDI)

DNDI 2250  Hip-Hop Culture and Performance  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of hip-hop through the "broad spectrum approach" of performance studies. Use of anthropology, ethnography, writing, data, and theatre and ritual studies support student inquiry. Students create and perform hip-hop through lyric writing, visual art, and breakdance. Falls and Springs. (CTDI)