Fine Art (AR)

AR 5300  The Arts in Society  (3)  

An exploration of the relationship of the creative artist and the arts (i.e., visual arts, theatre, and music) to society is addressed. The changing role of the arts will be considered within the context of the socioeconomic, historical, political, and cultural forces that shape them. Particular attention will be given to the societal values that mold and are expressed by the arts in a range of cultures, both East and West. The role of the artist as a force in cultural change also will be studied. Summers.

AR 5560  Studio Topics in Art  (1-3)  

This course provides a specialized offering by a specialist in a studio method. Students will participate in an intensive hands-on studio experience during the course. A departmental faculty supervisor and/or technician will be available to assist the specialist in guiding the students in a focused environment. Students may repeat this course when offered under a different topic.

AR 5910  Independent Study  (1-3)  

Advanced work in a limited area of studio art, art history, or art education, selected and carried on in consultation with an art faculty advisor. Consent of a faculty supervisor and the department chair is required.