Graphic Design (AG)

AG 2330  An Introduction to Graphic Design Software  (3 Credits)  

Preliminary course for integrating design students with the necessary technological aspect of their visual communication education. Begins with a basic overview of the history and evolution of technology in design education and how it has impacted not only curriculum development, but the field and study of graphic design, culture and society. Explores the most indispensable software packages offered in the industry for digital graphics, then proceeds through a series of short projects and tutorials which enable the students to master the fundamental techniques used in these electronic design applications. Software types covered include: drawing, page layout and image-processing programs. Attention is given to word-processing as a necessary program for creating, importing and manipulating text copy into graphic applications. Students have hands-on instruction at Macintosh computer workstations throughout the course and learn associated information concerning the use of computer hardware peripherals, e.g., scanners, printers, etc. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs. (TECO)

Prerequisite(s): Graphic Design majors or minors only, or permission of instructor.

AG 2350  Graphic Design I  (3 Credits)  

Introductory course acquaints students with the history, principles, and basic tenets of graphic communication employing typographic elements. Focuses on the formal relationships of design as applied through typographic interaction, using the computer and Adobe Illustrator software to create solutions. Design assignments emphasize the creative and practical development of a variety of ideation avenues and techniques for executing those ideas effectively. Additional course fee required. Falls.

Prerequisite(s): AR 1045 and 1075.

AG 3050  Digital Multimedia Design  (3 Credits)  

The growth of the Internet and the heavy emphasis on digital media has led to the creation of a whole new industry and design field—Web design. Web sites are essential for nearly every business today. Covers web preparation software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Students are introduced to basic HTML, Dreamweaver, and Flash. This class is for visually trained students. As such, original sketches, documents, and pictures are the starting point for each project. Additional course fee required. Falls and Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 2330.

AG 3300  Graphic Design II  (3 Credits)  

Combines the precepts of the taxonomy of typography from Graphic Design I with that of imagery. Delves into types of images, image generation options, and the impact of the combination of type with images. Design problems include the study of iconography, designing symbols, understanding logo design, and the completion of a large poster design employing a synthesis of type, symbol, and image considerations using Adobe Photoshop software. Emphasizes the exploration, experimentation, and proper execution of ideas through the design process. Additional course fee required. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 2350.

AG 3360  Graphic Design III  (3 Credits)  

The compilation of principles mastered in Graphic Design I and II leads students toward a discussion and understanding of publication design. Publication projects may include brochures, books, catalogs, annual reports, and other multiple-page print design pieces. Students also complete a self-promotion piece employing both publication design elements and a CD component, to prepare them with a tangible resume and digital portfolio of their work to date. Emphasis in publication design is on page layouts and the use of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress software. Additional course fee required. Falls.

Prerequisite(s): AG 3300.

AG 3490  Production for Graphic Design  (3 Credits)  

Deals with the basics of preparing design ideas for printing. Emphasizes the development of an understanding of the working relationship between a graphic designer and a printer. Includes pre-press and computer-assisted production, printing technology, production terminology, graphic arts photography and related specific information necessary for producing finished art in an efficient, accurate and qualified manner. Falls and Springs. (QRCO)

Prerequisite(s): AG 2350 and AG 3300.

AG 3530  History of Graphic Design  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to the history and philosophy of graphic design which explores the predominant historic art movements and their effects on graphic design as a field of study. Emphasizes the late 19th and 20th century designers and their work. Linked to current notable designers and design trends including Postmodern and New Wave graphics. Springs. (INCO) (WRCO)

Prerequisite(s): Junior status.

AG 3550  PSU Student Design Company  (3 Credits)  

A student operated graphic design studio course, open to junior-level Graphic Design majors (BA and/or BFA). Seven students are selected each semester to serve in the Student Design Company (SDC). One student is selected as Studio Manager and works in tandem with the Graphic Design instructor; the 6 other students function as graphic designers. Meets 2 hours twice a week. Works on assignments created by offering design services to (a) non-profit organizations; (b) PSU organizations; (c) business organizations in our area that would not otherwise be able to afford to purchase design services in the marketplace; and (d) PSU graduate students who need visual components created for their thesis projects. Design services offered could include logos, brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, Web sites, and other collateral, as requested. May be repeated once for credit. Falls and Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 2330, AG 3300, (AG 3050 or AG 3490); Junior status as a Graphic Design major; portfolio review and acceptance by Graphic Design Coordinator.

AG 3600  Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator Techniques  (3 Credits)  

Continued study of 2 premier software packages featured in AG 2330. Proceeds from the student's familiarity of Photoshop and Illustrator into the higher skill levels necessary for creating truly outstanding digital graphics. Provides a mastery-level achievement experience with the software and reveals capabilities through progressive techniques and variations that have students creating graphics with true authority. Students garner many new digital shortcuts, key commands and time-saving techniques in these programs that allow them to concentrate on their creative abilities, instead of experiencing technical roadblocks. The path to true creation on the computer for the practicing designer is to not be limited by technical shortcomings, but instead to be able to create and produce whatever the mind imagines. Students have hands-on instruction at Macintosh computer workstations. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 2330.

AG 3650  PSU Student Design Company Internship  (1 Credit)  

Integrates with AG 3550, which is open to junior level Graphic Design majors (BA and/or BFA); allows students enrolled in both courses simultaneously (by portfolio acceptance) to fulfill their Graphic Design internship requirements on campus. Students follow the same procedure as interns who work off campus; create goals for their participation; maintain a journal during their experience; make a final presentation upon completion of the internship. A Graphic Design faculty member oversees the internship for performance expectations and evaluation purposes. Falls and Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 2330, AG 3300, (AG 3050 or AG 3490); Junior status as a Graphic Design major; portfolio review and acceptance by Graphic Design Coordinator.

Corequisite(s): AG 3550.

AG 4350  Advanced Web and Multimedia Design  (3 Credits)  

Focuses on the development of Web and Multimedia design using various business standard applications. Develop Web sites for various mobile communication tools and digital video editing skills. Covers the Web and digital video editing related techniques of other programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Muse, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to maximize the visual effects. Students learn how to upload and maintain their Web sites via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. Additional course fee required. Falls.

Prerequisite(s): AG 3050.

AG 4370  Graphic Design IV  (3 Credits)  

Employing design precepts from Graphic Design I, II, and III, concentrates on developing an entire Corporate Identity Program for a hypothetical company. Students explore creating the logo first, then move to print applications, 3D packaging components, and finally a Web site for their company. Emphasizes the development of a production timeline, the creation of a calendar and job contracts and invoices, as well as extended professional presentation practice toward the systematic execution of the large variety of components necessary in designing a complete CI Program. Software instruction includes Dreamweaver, as part of the Adobe Creative Suite. This is the capstone experience for BA students in the Graphic Design Option. Additional course fee required. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 3360.

AG 4380  Graphic Design V  (3 Credits)  

First semester of a two-semester capstone course experience for BFA Graphic Design majors. Prepares students in all areas of their portfolio and professional career development. Includes portfolio organization and assessment, job market possibilities, resume and cover letter writing, making effective presentations, guidelines for pricing and selling work, and ethics considerations in the workplace in graphic design. Also covers the primary planning stages and project delineation for the Senior BFA Exhibit, to be completed in the spring semester (Graphic Design VI). Design professionals are invited to present special topics and critique work during semester. Additional course fee required. Falls.

Prerequisite(s): application to and acceptance by the BFA Portfolio Committee.

AG 4390  Graphic Design VI  (3 Credits)  

Allows students to begin the execution stage of the rough layouts that were completed in Fall semester of ideas considered for their individual final projects. These projects are developed and finished over a 10 week period, allowing 4 weeks for the students to mount artwork and prepare for their final Senior Show. Students are expected to meet in assigned teams to make both thematic and aesthetic decisions concerning the presentation of the show to the public. A senior "show coordinator" is elected by the students to be the contact person working between the students and faculty members. The Senior Show is visible evidence and a culmination of all coursework and projects that have been completed by the students in their educational experience in the Graphic Design program. Additional course fee required. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): AG 4380 and application to and acceptance by the BFA Committee.

AG 4550  Special Problems in Graphic Design  (3 Credits)  

Designed for students who have completed 4 semesters of work in Graphic Design, so that these students can continue their work at an advanced level (up to 6 credits).

Prerequisite(s): AG 2350, AG 3300, AG 3360, AG 4370 and permission of the instructor.

AG 4900  Internship  (1-6 Credits)  

Designed to give students a culminating educational experience within a wide range of practical on-the-job work experiences in the selected concentration. Commitment includes a negotiated number of hours per week and regular evaluation by Department Internship advisor. The internship is in agencies that are approved, supervised and evaluated by the Department.

Prerequisite(s): Senior status; minimum 2.30 cumulative GPA and minimum 2.50 major GPA; all required courses in art area for major completed; approval of Department Chair, Departmental Review Committee, and Department Internship advisor.

AG 4910  Independent Study in Graphic Design  (1-4 Credits)  

Advanced work in a limited area of graphic design, developed and executed in consultation with an Art Department faculty mentor. Consent required of the instructor who will supervise the independent study and the Department Chair.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing.