Management (MGM)

MGM 3150  Fundamentals of Business Operations  (2)  

This course introduces the systems, projects, and processes used in effectively and efficiently operating a business. The creation and delivery of quality goods and services to businesses and end consumers is essential to everyday life. Students will understand the importance of operational excellence in delivering value and achieving customer satisfaction. Springs and Falls.

MGM 3190  Business Operations Analytics  (4)  

This course explores the concepts and practical solutions for challenges encountered in the design and operation of a business. The course investigates both manufacturing and service industry models from the perspective of the Operations Manager. The use of case studies and quantitative analysis techniques will enable students to understand and determine operational tradeoffs and alternative solutions to complex business problems. Springs and Falls. (QRCO)

Prerequisite(s): MA 2210

MGM 3450  Organizational Behavior & Team Development  (4)  

Learning to manage human behavior improves your effectiveness as an individual performer, team member, and leader in an organization. Students develop interpersonal skills and critical thinking to lead and manage diverse teams recognizing the global implications of organizational behavior. The course engages students in entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem solving to promote innovation and opportunities for change. Springs and Falls. (DICO)

Prerequisite(s): None

MGM 4250  Managing Human Resources  (4)  

Managing people drives organizational effectiveness and individual career success. Students learn practical skills about recruitment, workforce diversity, performance management, compensation and rewards, talent development, and employee retention and engagement.  Best practices for managing people-related issues and trends are examined from the perspectives of both the human resources professional and the practicing manager or team leader. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): MGM 3450

MGM 4900  Strategy & Sustainable Competitive Advantage  (4)  

The most effective managers and leaders demonstrate exceptional strategic thinking. In effect, they can evaluate complex and rapidly-changing situations using sometimes incomplete or inferred data - much like completing a puzzle by connecting seemingly unrelated pieces. Students apply views from varied business disciplines to develop effective strategic plans that ensure long-term competitive position, growth, and sustainability. Springs, Falls, Summers, Early Springs.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100, BUS 1200, BUS 1300, BUS 1400, BUS 2000, BUS 2100, BUS 2200, BUS 2300.