Anthropology (ANDI)

ANDI 1205  Artifacts, Customs & Fossils: Studying Humans through Anthropological Prespectives  (4)  

Anthropology brings insights into humankind's past, present and future. We will explore what it means to be human through the perspectives and methods of linguists, ethnographers, biological anthropologists, and archaeologists. You will understand the advantages of examining contemporary issues through multiple scientific methods and how doing so can provide a holistic outlook on the diversity of human experience. Falls and Springs. (SIDI)

ANDI 2205  The Science of Archaeology  (4)  

Archaeology is the study of the past. It uses a variety of scientific methods to better understand how cultures change and adapt in response to both natural and cultural stimuli. Explores archaeological field and laboratory techniques, the analysis of artifacts, and all of the hands-on approaches that are necessary to reconstruct past cultures using the fragmentary remains in the archaeological records. Falls and Springs. (SIDI)