Marketing (MKT)

MKT 3120  Marketing Research and Consumer Insights  (4)  

The better businesses understand their customers, the better they are able to design customer experiences that deliver meaningful value. Best practices of customer-focused organizations are supported by marketing research. Students learn how to conduct and use qualitative and quantitative marketing research methodologies to develop winning strategies. Springs and Falls. (QRCO)

Prerequisite(s): MA 2210 or MA 2200 and BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3130  Digital Marketing  (4)  

Students learn how to incorporate digital marketing techniques into a company’s/organization’s marketing strategy. Students learn how to assess opportunities to reach customers online and how to effectively use digital marketing techniques, including: websites, SEO, online display advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, e-mail, social media, online influencers and mobile tactics. Using analytics, students learn how to gauge the success of digital activities. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3140  Creating Effective Marketing Content  (4)  

Content is king. In this course, you'll create content for different types of integrated marketing communications including digital, infographics, proposals, and flyers. Work each week to think about and write content for different client pieces to engage target consumers. Learn how to understand your audience, persuasively communicate your message, and select the best approach to maximize effectiveness and drive action. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3210  Event Planning and Marketing  (4)  

Creating and promoting events requires knowledge of branding, target market analysis, project management, promotion, logistics, and much more. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply these concepts through the implementation of a large-scale event. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3230  Public Relations  (4)  

This course introduces the exciting world of public relations (PR) through practical applications. PR brings attention and awareness to things that matter to you and helps influence change. You will learn what PR is and how to use it and move people to action while creating campaigns. This is a hands-on, open lab course. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3450  Sports Marketing and Sales  (4)  

An applied course exploring the strategic imperatives and process-based considerations that make marketing and selling the sporting firm and branded assets therein unique relative to other “product" or “service-based" industry verticals. Special emphasis will be placed on the co-dependence of the marketing and sales functions to create, communicate and deliver indelible stakeholder “experiences" through sport. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 3500  Special Topics in Marketing  (4)  

Contemporary marketing topics are defined and explored. The topics to be discussed will be announced prior to offering and will focus on issues not normally covered in cataloged courses. Students may repeat this course one time when offered under a different topic title, if the professor deems the topic to be different enough to offer a distinct learning experience. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 4120  Impact Marketing  (4)  

This course examines corporate responsibility as a strategy to improve products, profits, and brand equity, since good global corporate citizenship is now a vital element of a brand’s image. Growing stakeholder expectations provide new opportunities for companies to monetize these initiatives, improving a brand’s value. This course explores how companies can best communicate their corporate responsibility to international stakeholders. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

MKT 4200  Advanced Digital and Social Media Marketing  (4)  

This course builds upon learnings gained in MKT 3130 Digital Marketing. Students will create and apply advanced digital and social media marketing strategy on strategic, analytical, and practical levels. It places emphasis on conducting digital and social media marketing amidst global marketing, privacy, security, legal, and ethical considerations. Student will achieve 2 free certifications - Google Ads & Social Media. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 and MKT 3130.

MKT 4230  Marketing Management  (4)  

This course is the capstone for the Marketing program. It focuses on the development of a full marketing plan for a student-initiated product idea. The course integrates topics introduced throughout the program, including marketing research, product design, naming strategies, logo creation, competitive analysis, sales and distribution strategies, media planning, pricing, profitability analysis, CSR, and the creation of a P&L statement. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450, and MKT 3120 or BU 3340 and BU 3360.

MKT 4850  Plymouth Marketing and Design Agency  (4)  

This is a hands-on, project-based course where students will be undertaking marketing and graphic design projects for community businesses and non-profit organizations. This course is an opportunity to practice skills working on interdisciplinary student teams. The class will be setup like a marketing and graphic design agency. Projects will vary each semester. Springs and Falls. Instructor permission required.