Sales (SAL)

SAL 3280  Professional Selling Skills I  (4)  

Professional selling is a relationship-based service wherein the seller identifies and delivers solutions to challenges/problems (pain) experienced by prospective clients (buyers). Sales professionals assist current and prospective clients to achieve desired outcomes that are otherwise unachievable without your help. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

SAL 3290  Professional Selling Skills II  (4)  

Professional sales is complex, long-cycle and often a team-based service provided on behalf of current and prospective clients. Students will analyze business scenarios (cases) prior to engaging in two-way dialogue (role plays) with a client to diagnose current state enterprise goals and challenges as a means of identifying appropriate new tools and capabilities leading to better future enterprise outcomes. Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): SAL 3280 or BU 3280.

SAL 3300  Negotiations & Conflict Resolution  (4)  

All of us negotiate every day, though we often do not realize it. Students will learn by participating in multiple negotiation role plays they can expect to encounter throughout their lives. Successful negotiation and conflict resolution results from better preparation, superior emotional intelligence and a commitment to separating “the people” from “the problem(s).” Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): BUS 1100 or BU 2450.

SAL 3310  Sales Prospecting & Business Development  (4)  

Nothing happens within an enterprise until someone sells something. Sales professionals must embrace the importance of customer research and discovery. Effective use of digital/social platforms for prospecting/qualifying new customers and up-selling existing customers is the fuel that accelerates the sales pipeline. Without a sales pipeline, there is no top-line revenue. Springs and Falls.

SAL 4330  Professional Sales Management  (4)  

Effective sales managers must be effective leaders, managers and coaches/mentors for aspiring sales professionals comprising the sales ecosystem. Students will recognize that best-in-class sales culture is achieved through a commitment to institutional learning and collaboration within the sales ecosystems. Curiosity, coach-ability, willingness to challenge and customer-centrism win-the-day! Springs and Falls.

Prerequisite(s): SAL 3290 or BU 3290.

SAL 4340  PSU Competitive Sales Team  (4)  

Competitive Sales is an experiential class wherein high-achieving students apply what they have learned in PSS1 and PSS2. As the most decorated students within the PSU Sales Institute, students enrolled in this class will both represent Plymouth State University at select on-campus and off-campus, national sales competitions while also serving as mentors/coaches to aspiring PSSII sales students. Falls. Instructor permission required.

Prerequisite(s): SAL 3290

SAL 4350  PSU Competitive Sales Coaching & Mentoring  (4)  

Students will be introduced to the Industry-Enterprise-Functional-Emotional (IEFE) framework in an effort to provide a standardized sales training methodology within The PSU Sales Institute – IEFE was created by Greg Dumont, Ph.D. Using the IEFE framework, student will engage in coaching and mentoring their peers enrolled in PSSI and PSSII. Springs. Instructor permission required.

Prerequisite(s): SAL 4340

SAL 4710  Medical Sales Capstone  (4)  

This course is designed for students to learn how to work with doctors, surgeons, their staffs and hospitals in this fast growing rapidly changing medical device sales field. Students will apply the skills learned in Professional Selling Skills to ensure effectiveness working with medical specialists in the field. Product expertise will help the surgeons and their teams improve patient outcomes. Springs.

Prerequisite(s): SAL 3280 or BU 3280.