Health and Healing (HH)

HH 5180  Exploring Personal & Organizational Health  (3)  

Explores paradigms of holistic health and healing and how they interact within personal and organizational realms. Examines wellness models and transpersonal psychology within organizations that transform engagement through mindfulness toward good intention, open mind and compassionate heart. Also offered as HH 5180 and BU 5180

HH 5570  Mindfulness Meditation: Theory and Practice  (3)  

Introduces the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation and expands awareness of evidence-based practices that lead to advances in neuroscience and healing of mind, body, and spirit. Students learn and practice mindfulness techniques in personal and organizational contexts. Also offered as CO 5570

HH 5590  Transpersonal Psychology  (3)  

Addresses aspects of mind and behavior that transcend individual ego and personal identity. Considers dimensions of consciousness, implications of transpersonal experiences, and the connection between psychology and spirituality. Explores the assumptions underlying transpersonal theory and skills in leadership contexts. Offered as CO & HH 5590.

HH 5610  Circle of Life: Leading with Well-Being  (3)  

The topic of death/dying is examined in the context of leading with compassion and empathy. Students examine their own beliefs about death and consider how leaders can integrate healthy living and working conditions that increases mind, body and spirit wellness. Also offered as HH5610.