TESOL, K-12 Certification

License Only

Students who complete this program fulfill all of the requirements for the New Hampshire Department of Education K-12 certification to teach English language learners.  The program consists of seven classes plus a classroom-based field experience.

The program’s focus is experiential and hands-on, with the emphasis on the application of what is learned in classes to the world at large. Classes blend theory and practice, and they provide a complete foundation in language teaching methodologies, language assessment, literacy, language acquisition, and linguistics for language teachers.

Classes are offered throughout the year in online, in-person and blended (online and in-person) formats. The in-person and blended classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends. Students may take classes on a part-time basis.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL, K–12 Certification Only

Curriculum Requirements

Course Title Credits
Learner and Learning Component
TE 5009Intercultural Communication in Multilingual Classrooms3
Content Component
TE 5003Language Acquisition3
TE 5004Language & Linguistics3
Instructional Component
TE 5005Foundations of TESOL Methodology3
TE 5007ESOL Literacy3
TE 5006Language Evaluation and Assessment3
or ED 5140 Assessment: Principles and Practices
Professional Responsibility Component
TE 5960Language Education Teaching Internship6-9
Total Credits24-27