Curriculum and Instruction (MEd)

The Master of Education (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction offers students the opportunity to explore new and emerging research-based practices in teaching and learning. Those wishing to improve their teaching skills and content knowledge are encouraged to pursue this option. Designed with the flexibility to meet the individual needs and interests of candidates, this option allows students to pursue various specialization areas to meet their professional goals.

Course Title Credits
Master's Core Component
ED 5000Social Behavior in a Diverse Society3
IN 5400Imagination, Creativity and Innovation3
ED 5030Research Design3
ED 5060Theories of Learning and Cognitive Development3
ED 5140Assessment: Principles and Practices3
or ED 6100 Curriculum Integration and Performance -Based Assessment
Specialization Component
Electives to be determined with advisor12
Capstone Experience
ED 6900Graduate Capstone Project3
Total Credits30
  • Demonstrate ability to be informed consumers of research, especially in the field of education.
  • Understand, and apply, various perspectives to issues of diversity in relation to self, teaching, and learning.
  • Apply knowledge of cognitive development and learning theories to academic and/or professional environments.
  • Identify, and apply, best practices in assessment selection, design, planning, and approach.
With a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction, you will have the opportunity to enhance existing teaching skills and learn new skills to use in the field of education. Our students focus on topics in education such as assessment, curricular revision, diversity, and research methodology. Students will customize their electives to create a specialization highlighting their professional goals.
Sample jobs include:
  • Curriculum specialist, coordinator, or developer
  • Instructional coach/specialist
  • Lead or expert K–12 teacher (this program does not lead to state certification)
  • Museum or educational setting program specialist
  • Textbook or curricular development organization
  • Training and development manager/specialist
  • Training and development manager